Bigg Boss 14 Launch Date, Location, House & Voting System

As Bigg Boss Season 13 ended on 15 February 2020, Sidharth Shukla was crowned as the winner of season thirteen while Asim Riaz was the first runner up.

Season thirteen broke down all the records and emerged as one of the most successful seasons of the Bigg boss. The success of season thirteen brought challenges for the team of Bigg boss because now the stakes are higher and the people are expecting season fourteen to be more entertaining than the previous one.

Bigg Boss 14 Launch Date/Start Date:

Before signing off from Bigg boss season thirteen the host Salman khan said that his team will be back with Bigg Boss 14 within seven months. The news spread like a fire and the fans were exhilarated after listening to this news.

While Bigg Boss Season 14 is expected to be launched in September 2020 and would continue for approximately 12 to 14 weeks but the due current scenario of an outbreak it’s likely to be postponed. But no official statement has been released yet.

Bigg Boss 14 Location:

For months there have been several rumors relating to the location for Bigg Boss 14 Latest Episodes. However, now it has been official that season fourteen will be shouted in Goa. Back in season 12, the inauguration function was also held in Goa. Also, a jungle theme is predicted to be adopted in this year’s Bigg boss and few of the leak pictures of the set are also circulating all around the social media. So, we could imagine how lovely the set will look because it would be adorned with natural things.


Salman Khan has been the host of Bigg boss since season 6. It is expected that he will be again performing the role of the host for the 10th consecutive time. But due to the controversial end of season thirteen, rumors are speculating that maybe Salman khan will step back as host. Also, many times during season thirteen we saw that Salman Khan was not happy with the team and he was not happy with the finale as well. He showed his concerns about the fact that the team was giving favors to Sidharth Shukla.

But the hearsay of Salman khan stepping back from being a host are not new and we have seen them in the past as well, but on every occasion, the rumors have been proven wrong. So, the Bigg boss fan can cheer up and except their favorite host Salman Khan to host the show once again for them.


As Bigg boss has become a huge franchise in India and his audience is in millions. As a result of this, they have introduced three ways to vote for the contestants.

  • Firstly, you can vote through using VOOT app. You could visit their website and cast your vote for your favorite contestant or you can download the VOOT app and can do the same thing.
  • Secondly, you can easily vote through Google, all you have to do is search “Bigg boss Vote” during the week, here you will see a list of all contestants from this you can vote for your favorite contestant and save him.
  • Thirdly, you can vote by Bigg Boss miscall voting method. This method is the oldest, in this method, every contestant is assigned with a number and every week some contestant is nominated and their respected numbers are shown on the screen and you can vote for them by giving a miss call to that unique number.

This is all the news that we have for you guys regarding Bigg boss season fourteen. You Can Get Bigg Boss 14 Season at Apne Tv.

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  1. salman khan doing good job in a good manners and thats why this is a top show in the world.

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